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Variances from Covenants/Bylaws

This table is intended to identify structures, practices, or uses that are apparently not in compliance with the Use Restrictions and Covenants, and other provisions of the Declaration of Restrictive Covenants for the Ponderosa Heights Homeowners Association, Inc. This includes additions to or remodeling of building structures after initial construction, landscaping, fences, driveways, accessory buildings, number of pets, pets not confined to the property or under immediate control of the owner, and motor vehicle operation and parking.

Where a variance has been identified and has been approved as an exception to the stated provisions of the Declaration of Restrictive Covenants by the Developer or the Board of Directors, that approval is listed in the table. In some cases, the approval is temporary (for example to give time for the variance to be reasonably be addressed). Other apparent variances have not yet been resolved.

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