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HOA Rules


Updated June 6, 2023

Rules exist to promote and protect the things we all want in our neighborhood: peace, friendliness, considerate neighbors, mutual respect, attractive homes, high property values.  Rules can be seen as a shortcut to some of the areas of the covenants that often cause friction between neighbors.  Rules are based in the covenants and help to educate HOA members.
[N.B. References in brackets at the end of each rule refer to the citation underlying the rule as documented in the Declaration of Restrictive Covenants (DRC).]

The Board of Directors establishes the Rules for Ponderosa Heights as mandated by the DRC, (III, D 2, pg. 4), and is responsible for the enforcement of the rules, restrictions and conditions of ownership set forth in the Covenants.  Residents need to be aware of these Rules so that we may all share a comfortable, safe, and attractive living environment.  Please read them carefully and honor them seriously.


  • Burning of any leaves, branches, Christmas trees, trash, or the like is prohibited. [Covenants V.AA.1, pg. 23] Small, personal recreational fires are permitted in accordance with Missoula County regulations regarding fire danger, size, fuel type, and purpose. Missoula County OutDoor Burning.  Backyard fire rings up to 24” in diameter are permitted.  Fires must always be attended.  Neighbors are expected to be sensitive to smoke generated from home fire pits or grills so that neighbors are not impacted by smoke or residue.


  • Fence height, color, type, design, and location must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee prior to its construction or placement. [Covenants V.L.5, pg. 19] Be sure to read the Covenants V.L. 1-6 (page 19) for specific restrictions placed on fences.


  • Owners may display flags that do not have profanity or that are vulgar or offensive.  Any such flags will be considered “unsightly” per the Covenants and shall not be displayed on any Lot [Covenants V.W., pg.23].


  • Cans must always be stored indoors except on days of garbage pickup. Garbage bags/receptacles, including yard waste, may not be left on curbs prior to pick up days.  Because garbage is a major wildlife attractant, cans should not be set out until the morning of garbage pickup. [Covenants V.F.3, pg. 11]


  • No more than two dogs, or two cats, or one of each per household. [Covenants V. U.1.(a), pg. 22]
  • Pets are not allowed to roam. When not under the immediate control of their owner they shall be confined to the house, a fenced yard or an outdoor kennel. [Covenants V.F.6, pg. 12]
  • Dogs must not be allowed to bark excessively to be an irritation to others.
  • Dog owners are responsible for picking up all dog waste and disposing of it hygienically.

Quiet Time

  • Exterior construction times are limited to between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. [Application of City of Missoula Noise Control Policy]
  • While fireworks currently are legal in Missoula County, residents are encouraged to consider the needs of their neighbors when planning festivities. Problems that fireworks may create in households include—PTSD episodes, crying children, frantic pets, disturbed sleep. All debris from fireworks must be cleaned up following usage.


  • No advertising signs or billboards shall be erected, placed, or permitted to remain on any lot. Exceptions shall be allowed for one small sign identifying the contractor of a building under construction, or one small “For Rent” or “For Sale” sign per Lot. [Covenants V.W, pg. 23]
  • Yard signs advocating the election, appointment, or defeat of a candidate for public office or the passage or defeat of a ballot issue may be placed in yards no earlier than ten (10) days prior to general, primary, and special election dates. All signs must be removed with forty-eight (48) hours of the polls closing.  Each yard sign may be no larger than 250 square inches, stand no higher than 40 (forty) inches, and must be placed at least fifteen (15) feet from the street and property lines and ten (10) feet apart from one another.   [Amendment re Yard Signs Jul20]

Snow Removal

  • Lot owners shall keep their sidewalks bordering their Lots free and clear of snow, ice, or other debris. [Covenants V.N.10, pg. 20].  Owners are asked by the Missoula Rural Fire District to keep all fire hydrants on their property clear of piled snow.
  • Missoula County prohibits anyone from pushing, hauling, or otherwise moving snow from private driveway or property onto the right-of-way of public roads, paths and trails under Missoula County jurisdiction.  Copy of Resolution following.


  • Motor homes, trailers, pickups carrying campers, boats, non-street legal recreational vehicles including snowmobiles or jet skis and the like shall not be parked or stored on any Ponderosa Heights properties including driveways, pads, yards, or in the streets. [Covenants V.V.3, pg. 22]
    • Any non-street legal recreational vehicles kept on property must be fully contained within a garage or approved storage unit and not visible to neighbors.
    • The HOA recognizes the need to pack/unpack units, so personal camping trailers/RVs may be parked in the owner’s driveway up to two (2) days prior to or on return from a trip. Personal campers/RVs may not be parked in driveways more than six (6) days/month.  Commercial trailers may not be parked in the Ponderosa Heights except when maintenance/remodeling work is underway in the residence, during which time commercial trailers may be on site.


 On-street Parking

Personal cars may be parked on streets in Ponderosa Heights, but the County requests that streets be kept clear of all vehicles to accommodate snowplows and enable better clearance of streets.

Motor homes, trailers, pickups carrying campers, boats, recreational vehicles including snowmobiles or jet skis and the like shall not be parked or stored on any Ponderosa Heights properties including driveways, pads, yards, or in the streets. [Covenants V.V.3, pg. 22]


The speed limit on all Ponderosa Heights streets is set by the County: 25 mph.

Watering Restrictions

Missoula County regulation specifies that lawns/gardens shall be watered on alternating days of the week.  Homes with even house numbers water on even days; odd numbers water on odd days.


We are privileged to live in a wildlife corridor where we enjoy an abundance of animals and birds throughout the year.  They enhance the quality of life in Ponderosa Heights enormously.  But because we live “on their turf” it is incumbent upon us to prevent wildlife-human conflicts and preserve the well-being of wild creatures. The Covenants document multiple ways that we should do this. [Covenants V.F.1-11]   

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